Baby Hauling Each Month

Ever reach for a nappy and see that you only have a few left and have to have a mad rush to Asda before you run out? Or you didn’t realise how much formula your baby actually goes through a day? Once you discover ‘baby hauling’ you’ll find life a lot easier knowing you have everything you need stocked up at home.

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5 Easy Meals For New Mommas

Looking after a little baby and trying to eat good, healthy food can sometimes be a chore, especially when you have all the ingredients in front of you but have no clue what to cook and what doesn’t take much time. Getting a slow cooker is definitely a good shout since you can prep the night before or bung in all the ingredients in the morning. Also with the use of slow cooker liners, there is minimal clean up!
Here are my 5 easy meals for a new momma just like me, each using similar ingredients to save on the shopping.

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Baby TV: ‘watch-worthy’

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After around two months, your baby will eventually tire of the sleep, eat, repeat cycle and want more excitement in their lives. To give yourself a few minutes of peace while they are still adjusting to viewing their new surroundings, you stick the telly on (mainly cbeebies) for them to gaze at all the colours even though it is still all a blur.
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Wee Wee strikes again!

Changing a nappy is a constant adventure when you have a baby, What will it be this time? How many will I go through today? You constantly track your babies bowl movements, if he’s done a poo you wish he hadn’t and when he hasn’t done one you wish he would!

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