The beginning of a new chapter

So, you’re currently on the phone to your best friend, holding a stick which you nervously bought and peed on and ‘oh god!’ there’s two lines… Two! You’re pregnant!

Adrenaline, anxiety and an overwhelming sense of happiness fill your soul. Who to call first?

The boyfriend? What would he say, would he dramatically leave because this wasn’t the plan? Best to ring the one woman who fully understands this… Mum! She’s ecstatic, who wouldn’t be? As the tears fill your eyes with joy and your heart beats like a thousand drums your mind starts racing like never before and from this day onward you daydream about what is to become and frantically start to hoard every kind of baby essential. Fast forward to the moment you’ve been dreading. Woken up from a late afternoon nap needing the loo you waddle as best you can to the toilet without ever even thinking the next few moments will change your life forever. POP! The waters have gone 4 days early! Its time to grab the several hospital bags you packed and repacked about 3 months ago, tell your man it’s happening and to get home from work pronto and make way to the hospital, not even guessing how far apart your contractions are. After that it all becomes a blur of agonising pain, you screeching for an epidural but it’s too late! He’s out. After successfully ripping your partners hand from his wrist you finally come around from the gas and air you’ve been breathing in hysterically. You’ll never forget those precious moments. The memory of holding him for the first time, his little baby bird cry, clutching him so tightly just in case he slips away. Eat, sleep change, repeat is the norm for several hours, days and weeks. You’d think that leggings in this situation would be the comfiest but no pockets makes doing anything one-handed a lot harder. During the three long trimesters you did all the research, wrote all the lists, acquired all the clothes, bottles, towels and not to mention the fully fledged travel system with its assorted accessories. But next thing you know he’s grown out of newborn clothes, the carry cot is shrinking and your little one is not so little now! It wasn’t until day seven that I discovered a dummy and white noise are a gift from heaven! With every waking (and sleeping) baby movement being frantically typed into Google your slowly learning what his cries are for. This being after several nappy changes, given more milk than probably needed and enough cuddling, kissing, bouncing, rocking and swaying than mummy’s back can handle.

3 thoughts on “The beginning of a new chapter

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a
    famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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