Bath time

The time has come to bath your little angel. Merely a few days old and you’ve been waiting for the cord to fall off as the midwife had instructed. The questions start flooding in, how many times a week should I bath him? How long for?

Should I use any bubble bath? You’ve got it all ready, the baby bath, the towel, a fresh nappy and comfy, clean pyjamas to pop him into after his first ever bath! Finally the moment has come in your incredibly small bathroom where you try to maneouvere yourself and the baby who is naked and waiting. You then realise that leaning over and supporting an eight pound baby in one hand and trying to wash him in the other is a tedious and painful task for your back. The moment he hits the water he flings his arms in the air like a little starfish and looks at you confusingly. Then it starts. You were so excited for this first that you would of never pictured the screaming and tears that followed for the whole five minutes that it took to give him a good scrub. After this episode, you took note and found a better, easier way to wash your newborn which includes putting the baby bath on the bed and using a towel under his head for support. After getting used to the first initial bath the washing routine is now going swimmingly and the more he splashes the funnier it seems to be even if water gets all over your bed!

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