Two months and counting

Life has now become a day by day routine of night feeds, napping, eating as much food as you can before it goes cold and trying to keep yourself, and an eight week old baby boy clean, happy and healthy.

First of many on the to-do list is getting his jabs sorted which is the day youve been dreading ever since he arrived. But today he decides he isn’t hungry until youre in the waiting area and he starts to show the signs. Now, the past few days he’s come into the habit of screaming when it is time to burp because the concept of burping to him only means the bottle with the food has been taken away, and he is now hanging over mummy’s shoulder/knee being rubbed and patted till an adult size burp erupts from his mouth. Your psyching yourself up for this, wondering how you will feel the moment the nurse plunges that needle into your poor little ones leg but you could never of imagined this. Instead of manning up or looking away you mistakenly look into them innocent little eyes and AHHH! The scream coming from your perfect creation pierces your heart. Tears streak down your face as you try to fight them but it is no use. Thank god for calpol! The dummy is in and they’re snoozing like it never happened. Throughout the day you constantly check Google, all the symptoms of vaccines going wrong, your mind running wild. Is he sleeping too much? When do I take off the plasters? Are his legs sore? All your efforts and worries soon subside a day or two later when he’s back to his normal headbutting, face clawing self give or take a bit of a bump where the needle was placed

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