Will he wake?

With your trusty ‘Baby tracker’ app in hand and with bathtime successful, you give your little one a sway and a few (too many) goodnight kisses then gently lay him in his nest. Going to sleep with his dummy is a must which will become difficult as time goes on but you keep saying to yourself we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
As ‘Ollie the Owl’ starts his soothing white noise, baby bear’s eyes slowly start to close but not fully as he awaits storytime. Sometimes he falls asleep after just half a story, and others it takes two or three to get him to drift off into the land of nod. You have no clue whether he can even hear your voice over the white noise but who cares?
You’ve done this routine so much now that it has become second nature and you ready yourself on top of the bed with either phone or book in hand as you sense that he will wake up in atleast an hour or so needing attention, food or a clean bum.
Ten or so minutes go by, low and behold the once furiously sucked dummy has slowly slid out of his sleepy mouth. You know what’s coming. His eyes fly open in shock and his head searches for the comfort of his pacifier. The moment it is carefully placed back in his eyes drift once more and you’re back in the safety zone.
An hour has passed, and another, and another… You start to wonder when he will wake up or whether you should try to get some sleep yourself but decide against it as he will surely wake up any minute.
After what seems like forever, you decide to sneak downstairs with the baby monitor for a snack and a risky cup of tea. All of the other times you’ve done this he’s thrown himself awake, no longer being able to smell you, but this time he stays asleep! Hurrah!
Seven Long hours later he finally Wakes up, ready for food and a cuddle. You’re in shock, he’s slept through! Albeit a few too many hours early and youre not quite past the no more night feeds stage yet but things are going in the right direction!

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