Shopaholic mother, shopaphobic son

Its 10.30am and you’ve done your morning bits and bobs. He woke you up at 6.45am, not hungry, not crying, just wanted a cuddle which he knows will eventually lead to you taking him downstairs for his daily dose of telly time.
Quenching his thirst for milk and going down (with a fight) for his first nap of the day, you start to wonder what adventure awaits you today. ‘Hubby’ has the week off and you want to make the most of it so decide on a nice outing to a local retail park.
He’s had his milk, a quick(ish) change into day time clothes and you’re off! With the Ergo baby carrier all packed in the car you pull out and drive straight up the Mancunian way. You’re finally getting out the house! He’s fallen asleep in the car seat but that’s alright, you can easily pop him into the carrier and away you go.
You exit the car and are ready to snuggly place your still sleeping cherub carefully into the carrier. It is at this moment you realise he has no mittens on… And you didn’t even think to bring him a hat! So much for being organised *sigh*. But no matter, you’ll be in the warmth of the shops in no time and he’s still asleep.
Entering Sport Direct so your partner can buy some new trainers is when baby bear decides to wake up. Dazed and confused as to where he was, his little face which was poking out from the top of the carrier started to turn red, and in turn his bottom lip commenced to quiver with the starts of a cry.
Bouncing and shushing while we paid for our purchase seemed to distract him until we made our way out of the shop. His dummy was forgetfully left at home in all the excitement of leaving the house for a few hours.
Only needing the one shop, your partner suggests he and baby bear wait in the car while you lesuirely stroll around the shops, and then it starts. No word of warning just an agonising scream from the human attached to your front. Tears flood his eyes and your mind races to imagine what the matter is. He’s eaten? Maybe he’s tired? The last week or two he seems to be teething as spouts of crying come from nowhere when least expected.
With no teething gel and no chance of his screaming letting up you place your baby into the arms of his dad who waits in the car while you wildly run into the nearest Boots to buy emergency dummies, two in a pack for £6 is daylight robbery but they are more than essential right now.
Even with a dummy he’s still in hysterics so you sorrowfully make the decision to drive back home, hopes of wondering your favourite shops dashed. You’re not number one anymore and the shops will always be there.
As you start the engine and make your way out of the car park, the crying ceases, his eyes gazing at all the world outside the car window… I guess he just didn’t want to go shopping.

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