The Baby Bear Necessities

The moment you peed on that stick and saw two lines you’ve been hoarding baby gear. The clothes, the pram, a bottle steriliser. But certain things never even crossed your mind when making your ‘to buy’ list for the new arrival. Some things you saw in the shops just weren’t for you such as a ‘wipe warmer’, who has time to wait around for that when he’s wriggling about in his own wee-wee!

You felt certain you wouldn’t need a dummy but after the initial few days at home where all he did was sleep and eat, it finally dawns on you how much they start to cry uncontrollably for no reason what so ever and sometimes your back cannot withstand all the rocking in which to keep the tears at bay.
Several day later the idea of white noise was suggested, and the app ‘Sound sleeper’ couldn’t of been more helpful at lulling the sleep fighter to bed. It wasn’t till a few weeks later that you decided to spontaneously buy ‘Ollie the Owl’, as leaving your phone with the sleeping child at all times was proving quite tricky since when you moved it away even an inch they may wake up.

With the pram system all set up you had the intuitive idea of using the accompanying carry cot as a sort of moses basket for his first bed, but this was also another of many first mistakes. It was too low down for an already sore back and he was sure to grow out of it within a matter of weeks. The ‘Next to me’ crib was the next best solution as there were no more worries about getting out of bed to check if he were still breathing, you could just open your eyes and there he was! All tucked up and still snoring quietly next to your side of the bed.

With yours and babies needs slowly becoming easier to handle, you start to think about the house as suitable accommodation for this small human being. Is the temperature too cold with it being winter? What should he sleep in? How many layers? Is he going to overheat? Ect. All worrying for this came to a stand still with the trusty ‘Gro egg’ which you forced your partner to purchase from the local Argos. Perfect for when you’ve got the heating on full whack without realising.

Nearly two months go by of frantically making up a bottle of formula, half asleep at 4am and plunging it into a bowl of cold water for several minutes to cool it down while your tired and hungry angel is howling. As you’re talking to a friend one day she mentions ‘thermo-bags’ and you’re thinking thermo-what’s? You Google them in haste and hurrah! they are in stock at Argos! Two in a pack you can’t go wrong. Instead of spending nearly £100 on a prep machine you grab these bad boys for only £12 and away you go! Making your life ever the more easier by having the formula already waiting in its little sleeping bag.

Last but not least, you’ve been so worried about leaving his side the moment he was born, forever checking his breathing, reaching under his vest to check he isn’t too warm or cold and pretty much starving yourself as making food would mean being in an different area of the house where you cannot see him. You thought you wouldn’t need a baby monitor until he was in his own bedroom in a few months! Then by chance, a gift from heaven! (well, your sister at least). You now have a snazzy futuristic looking baby monitor, with a portable screen from which you can continue to stare at your snoozing offspring while getting on with household jobs or stuffing your face with the contents of the fridge!

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