Hospital bag packed… And repacked


From the moment you find out your pregnant, you scour all websites, Pinterest and Youtube videos searching for what to add to your hospital bag apart from the obvious change of pants and baggy going home clothes to cover up your mess of a belly from which a human has just emerged. Instead of wanting to overload yourself with things you may not even use and taking a full weeks worth of clothes, here are just some of the basics i.e enough for 24 hours.

For the baby –
o 3x vests

o 1x pack of wipes

o Mittens
o 3x onesies

o Baby blanket

o Coat
o 1x pack of nappies

o 2x Muslin cloths

o Car seat
o Cotton wool

o Hat

o Pre-made formula

For you –
o Hospital notes

o Phone/Charger

o Hair Bobble
o 2x Pjs and dressing gown

o Deodorant

o Hoodie
o Towel

o Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

o Hairbrush
o 2x Maternity bras and pads

o Lip Balm

o Chocolate/Snacks
o 2x Underwear and socks

o Moisturiser
o Slippers

o Dry Shampoo
o Home clothes

o Magazines/Book

Once at the hospital you realise you need more snacks than you brought, even though the tea and toast provided is a welcome treat after giving birth. Instead of only taking 3 sets of vests and onesies, you find you actually need more because the Pampers nappies which you took haven’t been able to hold all of the fluids coming from your new bundle of joy! And after day one of using all of the items you brought in your bag, your loved one must come to the rescue bringing additional nappies, formula and more clothes for you and baby, as due to babies temperature you must stay in a day or two more…Joy. So fair warning to others, take more than you plan to use as in most cases you will probably need it.

Hurrah! Home time! You can’t wait to get out of there and home with baby bear. Practically rushing through the doors and into an awaiting Uber you look up at the hospital and suddenly realise in the midst of throwing all your items into the bag, you’ve left your phone charger dangling behind the hospital bed… *sigh*. You’re the queen of list writing yet you should of checked that this one essential item was not missing.

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