Day in the Life – Week 13

You’re woken up around 5am while Hubby feeds and changes the little bear after his night shift at work. Whether you’re woken up to cries or soft cooing by him you realise this is it, you’re day has started. Putting on your slippers, dressing gown and tying up your hair as if preparing for battle, you gently take over and rejoice in the mornings cuddles and kisses (clearly unrequited) while he writhes in your arms as he does.
Pottering down the stairs you place him into the bouncer in front of Bing (most annoying Cbeebies character ever) and try to sleepily entertain the wide awake child, singing as many nursery rhymes as you can think of and adding words where you cant remember bits. After tiring of your tragic attempt at pulling silly faces and making ridiculous noises he rubs his eyes and you know its time for his first nap.
This is the time you relish, the time for your breakfast and coffee. You practically jump at the Dolche Gusto machine, dreamily wondering which flavour to go for today. Some days you manage to have a full breakfast and finish your coffee leisurely, others you only just manage one piece of toast and your coffee will have to wait.
An hour or so later he awakens, all smiles and laughter when you appear in front of the cot for yet more playtime. You either lay him on his play mat or just on the sofa and begin tirelessly singing, laughing and pulling faces until that beautiful smile appears and his legs and arms begin to thrash about wildly yet every time you go to pick up your phone for a picture or video he immediately stops and looks away.
Time for the second feed. Settling him down on your knee, you begin the process of trying to keep the bottle in his mouth while he wiggles around wanting to look at the world around him with interest. When the bottle does eventually fall from his mouth he is in hysterics as you are obviously to blame for this mishap. Then its time, you know it and hes about to. You slowly try to tilt him forwards in an effort to burp him but hes noticed! How dare you postpone the milk! Shrieks escape his tiny mouth and as his face turns a tomato red, an adult sized burp erupts from your tiny human. His cries cease as the bottle re-enters his mouth and he is happily sucking away again.
Done and dusted you decide now is a perfect time to get him in the pram and go for a walk either around the block or to the shops for a bit of fresh air. Taking the ‘Snooze shade’ just in case he falls asleep, you go to leave the house and disaster strikes! You hear the squelch and your little tyke looks at you as if nothing has happened…. And back inside we go.
Time for his second nap of the day and this one becomes a lot more tricky than before as he doesn’t want to sleep now. He would rather push out his dummy, laugh at you then begin throwing his arms around and waving his legs. When he finally tires he cant help but continue to stare at you while his eyes close agonisingly slowly while you read him a story. Not knowing whether this nap will take twenty minutes or an hour, there’s no point in doing any big household jobs so you sit in silence scrolling through your phone as the small child snoozes away beside you.
Sleep.Play.Eat.Change.Repeat. Never knowing when he will have his long sleep, either 3pm or 5pm, you get him in the bath ASAP even though he isn’t dirty but 1. he’s been sucking his hands all day and 2. it’s relaxing and helps him sleep.
With his baby bath now too small, you break your back leaning over the bath and get him clean while he wondrously splashes water and looks at you in awe. The time has come to get him out of the bath and into some fresh pyjamas which most people relish but your baby seems to love being naked and rolling around inside his little hooded towel. As the vest goes on he squeaks in protest and you keep reassuring that after pyjamas you’re going to have some milk and story time before bed.
Once he’s asleep you get set on making tea and preparing for the next day by filling up the coffee machine, put laundry powder and fabric conditioner into the washing machine and washing all the pots. All the while keeping an eye on the baby monitor for any sign of stirring or just to gaze at the gorgeous little person you’ve created.

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life – Week 13

  1. They grow up so fast. It is hard to believe that my first born, a daughter, was born Feb. 13 in 1960, so she is grandma age herself. But she only got to have foster children, and sometimes those just don’t work out right because they were abused or were drug children, etc. before they even got to be little children in school. Anyway, that is the only mothering she got to know, so I am sorry for what she missed even though it is so tiring. I worked years with special needs children and those parents will never know a time when they are free from taking care of their children. We don’t know how lucky we are if we end up with children who have no special needs. The number of those children has increased beyond belief, and it is mostly the boys too for some strange reason. Anyway, it sounds like your baby is happy and healthy. Reading to them aloud and teaching them how to read young is such a benefit. My daughter started reading by herself when she was two years old, and she had an excellent memory too and would lie in bed at night, “reading” all her Golden books which we had back then, and which she had memorized. I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned that. I used to sew all their clothes too and was glad for that since they start growing so fast. My significant other told me that he used to grind up the food he and his then lady ate and the baby ate the same things. His son is in his mid-30’s now, so I guess he didn’t suffer from his food. Interesting how the things change through the years.

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