Hacking my way through motherhood

I’m aware of the millions upon millions of hack videos, blogs, websites and books containing interesting and useful ways of making your life easy, especially with a little one by your side every moment of the day. But I’d just like to share a few of my favourites which I’ve picked up along the way plus some extras.


Using a flask
This one is pretty self explanatory when you have a new baby as you may make yourself a cup of tea, thinking that they have successfully gone off to the land of nod. But no, you’ve just added the milk and WAHHHHH, he’s awake. This way if you use a flask you have plenty of time to settle him back to sleep and still enjoy a warm brew.

Just like using a flask, a thermo-bag easily keeps your babies formula nice and warm while you either wait for them to wake up, or make one up just before you head to bed so that it is ready for the night feed.

Speaking of formula, while you have some free time you can portion out the formula needed for each bottle into Tommy Tippee pots and when it’s time to make up the formula, instead of trying to recall what number scoop you are on when half asleep, you just dump the whole pot into the bottle and add water.


Baby Baskets
This is a hack I really like and most people know about but instead of running round the house when you go to change your baby, keep a basket in each room (bedroom, living room) containing nappies, wipes, change of clothes, cream and nappy bags.

Dry Nites
These are perfect for adding under the cot sheet just in case of any accidents during the night such as spit up or leakage. This way you can easily replace a fresh cot sheet without needing to put the whole mattress into the wash in the middle of the night. An even better way of doing it would be to layer a dry nite, then a cot sheet and another one on top so you can pull one layer off and carry on.

Wipe Warming
Instead of spending money on a wipe warmer, or even taking the time to get a bowl of warm water ready every time he needs changing, I tend to put the wipe on my arm just to take away some of the coolness. Especially in the middle of the night when you don’t want to shock your baby with a cold wet wipe. Using the body heat from your arm won’t make it completely hot but I tend to think it helps.

Marie Kondo: Konmari folding methodimg_20190223_1616483761250059061323694.jpg
We all know this marvellous woman’s way of folding clothes by now, I myself have watched it numerous times on Netflix. Once you have a child you realise how many clothes they have and finding a place for all of these to go is soul shattering, mostly because you must give up your clothing space before he has his own room. This way of folding makes sure all babies bits and bobs are neatly folded and easy to find and pick out without making a mess.

Netted Bags
On the subject of laundry, when washing small socks and mittens, it is best to use a netted bag so that none of these little items get lost. It is also a great way to keep everything paired up.

More than just hoovering
During the day if the little one isn’t settling, you can try to get some hoovering done at the same time as a vacuum cleaner provides excellent white noise which will help your baby to sleep. While they are in the womb, the sounds a baby hears is actually louder than a hoover.

Bulk buying
If the hoovering doesn’t work and you have a white noise machine, make sure you have enough batteries by buying in bulk. I recently discovered they run out easily if the machine is working around the clock to provide a decent nights sleep for you and baby.

The night before
While your little one goes down for the night, I like to make a list (or even during the day) of what I could do to make the next day easier. Things like adding laundry powder and fabric conditioner to the washing machine, filling up the coffee machine and having your cup waiting underneath, doing the washing up, getting his and your clothes ready, setting your cereal or porridge out in a bowl to just add milk and even preparing dinner for the next day.

Slow cooking
Preparing food ready for the next day makes life a lot easier when baby bear is having a clingy day. Using a slow cooker is a brilliant way of doing this as you can chuck all the food in ready to turn on the next day, or even put on a low setting that night if it is a big joint of meat.

Let me know your hacks and tips in the comment section below!!

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