Cinderella, Cinderella…

We’ve all been there. You need to clean the house as a clean house means a clean soul, but you literally can not be bothered. You’d rather sit there scrolling through your phone or binge watching a Netflix series, it happens and who cares? It’s your home.
But it’s 2019 and the latest craze is to #Hinch your house which you discovered just as you were ‘nesting’, although you were too heavy and too tired to clean the entirety of your living quarters.
You managed to get by so far, cleaning for just two of you and pestering your other half to give you a hand now and again. But now as well as wanting to clean your home top to bottom and making endless lists of what needs doing, you’ve got a baby and everything else is put on hold.
Hopefully during the day he goes down for his naps so that you can at least get the washing up done and bigger jobs will have to wait until Hubby has a day off or at night time. If this is not the case, putting him in his bouncer and smiling and talking to him while doing these jobs may do the trick.
Hoovering can sometimes work as white noise to help him drift off and this way you kill two birds with one stone, although sometimes you neither have the energy or the commitment to hoover more than once a week.
Play mats are a great thing to use when you just need those five minutes to run round and ‘speed clean’, as they are perfectly portable and lay on the floor so that you can do each room in turn.
You’ve seen all the memes about your partner coming home/ going to work and saying things like ‘at least you get to stay at home’ and now you see they aren’t as hilarious as they looked before because yes, I get to stay indoors…with a baby…sometimes not seeing another human for days…being headbutted, puked on and changing dirty nappies all while trying to keep the house clean and finding time to eat. Not exactly living the dream.
Either way you go about it, don’t feel ashamed if you leave the house to go dirty for one or two days. The house can wait, they aren’t little for long and you should cherish every moment.

Any more tips on cleaning? Leave your comments below!

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