The realities of being pregnant

When you’re pregnant, there’s a lot of things you expect to happen and some others are a complete mystery to you. Here are just a few example of what may happen as the months of waiting start to feel like years.

The Bump –
Many people think that you will have a huge bump as soon as you get pregnant, although this doesn’t really occur until at least five or six months. You expect people to be over the moon about your lovely little bump but rather than ‘wow you look amazing’, you get questions such as ‘do you think it will be twins?’ and ‘you look ready to pop!’ even though you’ve only been pregnant for five minutes.

The Glow –

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In the midst of your hair getting thicker, growing beautifully strong nails and having smoother skin, you expect yourself to be glowing like a neon light. But instead you feel like a bag of potatoes and as heavy as one too!

Morning sickness –
This is the most common ailment of being pregnant, apart from sashaying around with what feels like four bags of flour strapped to your belly. But with this being said, some people get it and some people don’t, so the expectation of constantly leaning over the toilet with Hubby holding your hair may not be exactly what happens.

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Eating for two –

Reading all the articles you now know that this is of course a myth. But it still doesn’t stop you from pigging out on every kind of chocolate and sweet thing you can get your hands on, even though you try to be healthy and eat a salad once a week to make yourself feel better.

Maternity Wear –

Scrolling through all the clothing websites because you’d rather not leave the house, you stare at all the gorgeous maternity clothes to dress your bump up. Filling your online basket with money you can’t really afford to spend you finally end up buying everything in extra large and wearing Hubby’s clothes.

Are you disabled? –
You feel like you weigh a tonne and your feet are swollen even though you still have months to go. You think you will be waited on hand and foot at work but instead of being doted on, you get back chat such as ‘you’re pregnant not ill’ ‘you can still use your legs you’re not disabled’. Thankfully once on maternity leave and bigger than before Hubby is there for as many tea runs as you like.

Any of your expectations match these ones? Leave your comments below.

2 thoughts on “The realities of being pregnant

  1. I’ve never been pregnant, and unlikely to have children now, but all of my female friends who’ve had families of their own all found the feet swelling a surprise/issue! It was known that it could/would happen but I think every one of my friends were shocked at just how much their feet grew!

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