Day in the life – week 15

As your little wonder is yet to have a routine as such, you’re stuck with guessing when he will wake for food. He’s woken you up with his endless babbling at 4.30am, not babbling to you but to the curtains (completely normal).

He senses that you’re awake and grins so widely when seeing you that you forget it’s so early in the morning and can’t wait for a cuddle.

Pottering downstairs in mummy armour (dressing gown and fluffy slippers), you’re excited as today you’re off on a day trip to IKEA! Not the most exotic destination but exciting all the same.

The day started off so well, you even managed a piece of toast before his rumbley tummy needed its precious substance: milk. Not quite sure how or why, but baby bears shrieks start from out of the blue and you assume it’s out of hunger so bottle is inserted.

Even though your mental health is absolutely fine, you still can’t help shedding a few tears amongst his crying as sometimes it can just be too overwhelming.

All set and ready for our outing, you place a bottle of formula into the Thermo bag and away you go! He’s fallen asleep in the car so unlike your last shopping trip, you easily place the car seat into a trolley (not caring who stares) and you’re off! Wandering round IKEA he’s good as gold, staring up at you from your make shift pram (yours is unfortunately too big for the car).

Entering the restaurant you are pleasantly surprised that it is all kitted out for mothers with a nursing area, a food heating area and some sort of kids play pen. Feeding your little one while you wait for those famous Meatballs, he’s happy enough looking round at the other children and basically just chilling unlike this mornings antics.

Another not so quick wander and it’s off home again for his evening routine. You say evening routine but he’s decided that 4pm is his bedtime so bathtime and his last feed are pretty early in the day to what you would of thought.

You ready his bath just like any other day and start to undress him, a warm towel and fresh pyjamas at the ready. But instead of his usual excitement for bathtime, as soon as he is placed into the water he begins to cry, which goes on to screaming accompanied by tears and a very upset face. With this he is immediately popped into the towel and snuggled up close to mummy.

Dressed and ready for bed you’re sure he’ll drop straight to sleep as it’s been a long tiring day, but no. As you try to read a story he’s not having it. The dummy is flying left, right and centre and he laughs at you, throwing his arms up thinking it is play time.

You’ve rocked, swayed and tried to make the little bundle sleepy to no avail. You’ve changed his nappy, given him a top up of milk and now that he’s laid on your bed, he slowly starts to drop off.

No more than ten minutes later he begins to shriek with his eyes still closed and dummy still firmly in his mouth. You wait to see if it will subside and when it doesn’t you gently lift him up and begin rocking once more.

You’ve read about sleep regression but hoped it wouldn’t happen, and your routine of having atleast 7-8 hours to yourself for the past few weeks has now gone down to 4-5 hours, and back to the usual 2 night feeds with much resistance of going back to sleep afterwards…

6 thoughts on “Day in the life – week 15

  1. This is a lovely post. As a single and childless young woman I’ve always seen child bearing as this euphoric experience of having this cute little creature to cuddle and take care of. I often miss all this parts. You need a medal ma’am. Putting the stress aside, I’m sure being a mother is a wonderful experience everyday. Thank you for sharing this experience and you baby is so adorable.

  2. This sounds exactly like my little one when he was that age. Great post, written really well. Could totally relate to everything. 😍 By the way, I spent so much time at IKEA whilst I was on maternity leave. It’s a great place.

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