DITL – Week 16

Sleeping in a little later and waking around 3am for his night feed, the day starts like any other.

He has a quick feed and change and is back into bed for a mere hour and a half before realising it’s telly time at 5.30am.
After a few sing-songs and an episode or two of Wind in The Willows (mummy’s favourite), he leisurely drinks his milk and awaits a clean bum before finally heading off for a quick hours nap which would usually give you time to have a coffee and some breakfast, but today is full of anxiety and sympathy for him as it’s that time again…Jab day!
As Daddy feeds him, you run round the house like a mad woman doing a quick half hour speed clean before setting off. This at least gives you time to hoover, wash up, stick the washing in and hang up clean clothes thus restoring your inner peace and the feeling of a productive day.
Choosing to drive to the doctors instead of taking the pram because it’s ridiculously windy, you set off and drop Hubby and baby bear outside the door, zooming off to find a parking space. It’s now 11am and you’re concerned that he’s stayed awake for more than 2 hours, especially as he’s about to be jabbed not once, not twice but three bloody times… But you are comforted in the knowledge that once it’s done and dusted he will surely nap on the way home.
Just as before his screams pierce the very centre of your heart but thank God you don’t look him in the eye, you just do as the nurse says and grip his tiny leg to prevent him from jolting while the vaccine courses through him.
You didn’t park far so you run bambino to the car in your arms while trying to keep his face out of the wind and once in the car seat he’s immediately asleep like nothings happened. Once home you sit silently in the car till he wakes up, not wanting to risk waking him up to go inside just yet.
The calpol works instantly and after a brief chat and play with daddy, food and a clean nappy help him to drift off for his last nap of the day which he greatly appreciates because not only have you let him sleep on the bed, you’ve also cuddled up to him and proceeded to fall asleep yourself and have a 2 hour nap!
While still sleepy from the vaccines, you miss out bath time and quietly give him a ‘top and tail’ clean with a wash cloth, don a fresh set of pyjamas and finally fill his little tummy with milk ready for bedtime. Singing ‘Part of your world’ from The Little Mermaid (because of course you know all the words) you gently set him down into his ‘Next to me’ crib and lay on the bed next to him until he is snoring peacefully and you can slide off the bed, crawl out of the room and begin your ‘Me time’ for the day.
But your day is not done yet, as another dose of Calpol is still needed at 8pm. Walking into the room (not so quietly) is enough to gently rouse him and while he resides on your shoulder, Hubby can slowly administer the pink sugary goodness.
This doesn’t sit well with the little angel and his face says it all when he thinks he’s having a midnight snack of milk and it turns out to be medicine. His cries soon subside with a few shushes and a bit of rocking but next you need to check his temperature… Laying him on the bed you slide the thermometer under his arm until it reads 39.1 which is regular considering he’s had his jabs, but this soon resumes back down to 36.6 once his onesie is taken off to cool him down.
Hoping now he may sleep through the night, he’s back in his crib and cuddled up to his favourite Ollie the Owl and you can now enjoy a cup of tea and jump into bed yourself.

Keep a look out for week 17! Leave your comments below!

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