5 Easy Meals For New Mommas

Looking after a little baby and trying to eat good, healthy food can sometimes be a chore, especially when you have all the ingredients in front of you but have no clue what to cook and what doesn’t take much time. Getting a slow cooker is definitely a good shout since you can prep the night before or bung in all the ingredients in the morning. Also with the use of slow cooker liners, there is minimal clean up!
Here are my 5 easy meals for a new momma just like me, each using similar ingredients to save on the shopping.

1. Chicken Curryin the slow cooker
Time: 4 hours on high
Measurements of this can vary so it really depends on how many you are cooking for, and of course you can always make extra for leftovers.
Just add: Diced chicken (frozen or not) Teaspoon each of: Dash of:
Potatoes, cubed Paprika Salt
Onion, quartered Curry powder Pepper
Peppers, diced Tumeric
Chopped tomatoes, can Mixed herbs
Coconut milk, can Garlic
Chicken stock cube Cumin2. Sausage Bake
Time: 30mins – 45mins
This is one of my favourites, just chop everything, chuck it onto a baking tray and stick it in the oven. Add gravy if desired.
All that’s needed:
Sausages (depending on how many people) Salt
Potatoes, diced Pepper
Onion, quartered Mixed herbs
Carrots, quartered
Any other veggies you want!!3. One Pan Pasta
Time: 30mins
Basically a pasta bake, but without the hassle of cooking it all then putting it in the oven.
First fry: Beef Mince, Then add: Tin of chopped tomatoes
Diced onion, Beef stock cube
Diced pepper Pasta
Garlic Salt & Pepper
Keep adding water until pasta is fully cooked, then mix in salt, pepper, mixed herbs and tomato puree.4. Vegetable Stew in the slow cooker.
Time: 4 hours on high
This recipe could apply to any stew but veggie stew is the simplest and can be kept in the fridge for a few days after as leftovers.
Just add: Diced potatoes Peas Stock cube Salt
Onion, quartered Broccoli Water Pepper
Carrots Tomato Puree Mixed herbs5. Sausage Casserole – in the slow cooker.
Time: 4 hours on high
Same method as the veggie stew and chicken curry which means no standing over the cooker all evening and barely any washing up! Perfect!
All you need:
Sausages (depending on serving)
Onions, quartered Oregano Salt
Carrots, quartered Parsley Pepper Tin of chopped tomatoes ThymeI’d love to see your recipes! Leave your links or ideas in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “5 Easy Meals For New Mommas

  1. It all sounds great. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t care for vegetables, so I either have to cook them separately for myself or leave them out.
    I am a dump cook and usually work with what is handy… but one easy shortcut I found was to buy a rotisserie chicken and debone it. You can use the meat as is, in a soup, add it to a casserole, etc. There’s enough for at least a couple meals if not more, depending on how you use it.

  2. These recipes look really yummy! I’ll have to try some of them out, I’ve been meaning to put our slow cooker to work!
    My recipes tend to be random, and I never write them down 🤦🏽‍♀️

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