Baby Hauling Each Month

Ever reach for a nappy and see that you only have a few left and have to have a mad rush to Asda before you run out? Or you didn’t realise how much formula your baby actually goes through a day? Once you discover ‘baby hauling’ you’ll find life a lot easier knowing you have everything you need stocked up at home.

‘Baby hauling’ is basically doing a big baby shop once a month and getting a hoard of baby gear to last you till the next pay day, working out how much of each item you will need to successfully get you through, even down to exact numbers. Any local shop will do but as my closest supermarket is Asda here are all the prices ect.

It’s no secret that you are going to need plenty of these since you will go through around 6-8 a day. There are plenty of brands to choose from but Asda’s own ‘Little Angels’ are perfect for holding all that mess. Currently using Newborn size 3 with 50 in a pack, buying 4 of these for £2.50 each on your baby haul will usually see you through with a few to spare at the end of the month.

Image result for asda little angels nappies size 3

Each time you go to change the nappy the usage of wipes varies…using one or two for wees is enough but when it comes to poos you can easily go through ten! Buying bulk boxes of ‘Little Angels’ wipes (12 packs x 64) for £5.70 is a good shout, but you’re never going to use that many so just buying 4 packs separately for £0.52 each is half the price.


The first couple of weeks doing a combination of breastfeeding and formula definitely made the formula last longer but now you’re just using the powder you realise how much they actually use up during the day. At 3 months you’re using around 6 scoops 5 times a day, which means a tub of formula will only last 5 days. After working this out, using Cow and Gate 0-6 months at £8 a tub, you find it is more effective to buy 6 tubs to last a month. This will go down again after weaning starts.


Any more tips for baby hauling? Leave your comments below!

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