Mum tag

So I thought I’d join the hype and give you all a glimpse of what it’s like to be me as a mum!

1. What’s his/her name?

Elijah Anthony John Taylor

2. How old is she/he?

17 weeks today!

3. Is she/he an only child?


4. Do you plan on having another child after him/her?

Definitely not just yet, maybe when he can feed and dress himself!

5. Was this a planned pregnancy?

No but a lovely miracle all the same.

6. How was the delivery process?

Very quick, started around 8pm on the 20th November and ended at 5.25am 21st November. Only had gas and air as there was no time for anything else!

7. Can you imagine going through it again, or would you?

Not for a while, you tend to forget how bad the pain felt, but I don’t think I’d panic as much next time.

8. What’s his/her birth date and time?

21st November 2018 @ 5.25am

9. How much did your baby weigh at birth? 7lbs 10oz

10. What personality characteristics did he/she obtain from you?

He definitely has my eyes, chubby cheeks and my temper!

11. what about the other parent?

He loves laughing and smiling at Anthony, I love seeing how happy they make each other and how perfect and complete I feel with my new family

12. What do you enjoy doing most with your baby?

Singing nursery rhymes and giving him a bath

13. What have you struggled with?

I struggled with breastfeeding alot as I didn’t feel like I had much support, also tried pumping but it took a lot of time and effort, and choosing to use formula after around 2 months meant I could get some rest while his dad feeds him

14. How does it feel to be a new parent?

Like nothing I’ve ever felt. The range of emotions cannot be compared. Love, anxiety, fear, happiness, forgetfulness and failure all mixed into one exhausting bundle

15. Can you introduce us to your baby/do a nursery or room tour

Will be writing a blog on his nursery tour as soon as we move house!

21 thoughts on “Mum tag

  1. Congratulations on your new baby and I have been through it all too three times. Although the babies got bigger each time, the deliveries got easier also. It was very tiring. I nursed all of mine, so it helped a bit because I could sit and rock them and nurse them at the same time and sleep, which I seemed to need a lot of. In my day, I don’t remember us having the sling, but I am 77, and I carried mine around on one hip all the time – the right hip. Didn’t realize how much that would affect me later in life. Well we learn, little by little. Be well and keep that little one well too!

  2. Ugh I miss my daughter that age. Definitely the best age, even if I barely slept (not that I sleep any now though 😅)
    Best invention ever sling/carrier. Best advice ever, it’s okay to spend the time you get by yourself missing them.

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