Big Fish, Little fish, Pack the box

Moving house is always stressful, and more so with a baby wanting attention. You try to pack while he is asleep but you can only do so much without making too much noise. Here are some hacks to help packing run more smoothly for your family.

1. Use vacuum bags for clothes
This works as both a space saver and an organiser so you know who’s clothes belong to which room.

2. Books into suitcases
Rather than carrying heavy boxes full of books, using a suitcase with wheels gives your back a rest.

3. Pack Herbs into slow cooker
Lots of mini containers can take up a lot of room when packing, so storing them in the slow cooker or any other dish helps to save space.

4. Use bins for small bathroom items

This can also be a space saver as long as you’ve cleaned and disinfected the bin prior.

5. Wrap cups and glasses in tea towels

Instead of spending money on bubble wrap you may aswell use what you have to hand such as towels, tea towels, scarfs ect. Then just rewash them at the new house.

6. Wash curtains before hanging back up

This is more of a time saver. When you’ve unpacked the curtains just wash them and they can dry themselves once hung back on their rails.

7. Use washing basket for essentials

This one is my favourite. Use your washing basket for the things you will need to hand as soon as you arrive at your new home. Such as TV remotes, phone chargers and any wires you may need, the kettle, tea and sugar containers, cutlery and cups you may need.

8. Take advantage of council removal services

For big items which you don’t want to take with you, you can book your local council to come and remove them for a small fee if it is over 3 items.

9. Use paper plates to seperate crockery

You don’t want chipped or broken plates in the midst of all your belongings so separating plates and oven dishes with paper plates will do the trick instead of using mounds of newspaper and bubble wrap.

10. Pack cleaning items last

Usually in your tenancy contract, it states that the house should be left is a good, clean condition so once everything is in the moving van, you can run around with the hoover and clean just before you leave.

Any more packing hacks that you know of? Leave yours in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Big Fish, Little fish, Pack the box

  1. Suitcases for books, now that’s a good tip! I lost so many box bottoms because of books 😂. You would think id learn by the amounts of times I’ve moved house 🙈. These are great tips, I love the one of using the slow cooker to store herbs and spices.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,
    Laura xx 🌹

  2. I wish I had of thought of suitcases for books! We moved a couple of times with three huge storage bins full to the brim with books. Back breaking! haha Great post 🙂

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