Night away needs

Ever wondered how much stuff a baby will need when you go on a night away? Because if you’re thinking it’s alot you’re wrong… Its more!!
Here is everything I’ve packed for baby bear for us to go away for just one night and day:

Clothes –

So, first we have his little sleeping bag which is brilliant to just pop him into and not worry that he will kick off any blankets and also make sure he’s warm enough.

Next is a hooded towel so that he’s nice and warm after a bath. As we all know baths can be lovely and relaxing and help provide a good night’s rest.

I take two onesies for bedtime just incase of any accidents during the night as well as two long sleeved vests.

Two sets of clothes again for leakages or unwanted vomit stains… So two sets of tops, vests, pairs of socks and trousers are the minimum of what I would take.

And we all know that during feeding you’ll need something for spit up or dribbles so two muslin cloths should be enough.

Feeding ect.

Whether your breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you’ll need to take food for your baby. Measuring out how much formula you’ll need plus a little extra, is much easier than taking the whole tub as well as a few spare bottles. Pre made formula is available in shops for those moments where food is needed pronto! And a Thermo bag can be easily carried out with you to keep milk nice and warm.

If baby is teething I recommend taking one or two sachets of teething powder.

Other medicines such as colic drops and Calpol may come in handy so it’s best to bring those along too and a thermometer just to keep your mind at rest when away from home.

Keeping bath time in the routine, taking baby wash with you will help relax the little angel while your away from home and in unknown territory for him.

And for bedtime, his dummy and comforter as well as a white noise machine or on your phone will make them feel right at home in the travel cot.

20 nappies may be a bit too much just for a night and day away from home but more is better when it comes to toilet time! There may be poo explosions… Leakages… He may wee as soon as you put the clean nappy on! And a full pack of wipes will easily see you through till hometime.

So that’s the minimum of what I like to make sure I have in my little baby case. Let me know your tips in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Night away needs

  1. Oh my I remember this all too well! Going away for more than two nights used to be a nightmare haha Thankfully as they reach toddlerhood you don’t need QUITE as much!

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