4 months on…

There’s been a lot of new developments in the past month which gives you a confidence boost that everything is going to be okay.

You’ve managed to keep your little human fed and alive all this time! Amazing! You can hardly keep flowers alive for a week let alone a person.

Still no solid routine as yet but his food is slowly and steadily spacing itself out into 4 hour slots but sleep is yet to follow as sometimes he fights it and others he drops off in your arms, but not for long as the cat naps continue.


Bedtime is slowly being pushed back by the main man himself going from having his bath, food and bed at 4pm, all the way till 7pm, even if he does still wake around midnight for a night feed then sleeping till 5.30am…

More movement is on the cards as when you go to retrieve him from the cot he’s managed to wiggle himself from the middle right up and into the corner, although still no signs of rolling over but thrashing about wildly on his playmat making sure to hit the toys hanging overhead.


Tummy time is sometimes a chore as one moment he’s arching his back and looking around, and the next he’s faceplanting the floor and screaming into it…

Still determined to sit up he pushes himself forward and with the help of mummy he half pushes (and is half pulled) up into a sitting position which excites him thoroughly by his cheeky grin.

Teething can be seen a mile away by the gnawing of his hands, pulling everything to his mouth and TMI his sore bum! You’ve acquired all the equipment for this such as teething gels, powders, Calpol ect.


His babbling continues, louder and longer. But mainly when he thinks he’s alone or chatting to his dad… Probably gossiping about mummy sneakily eating chocolate or his daily adventures of watching telly, going for walks and guzzling milk.

Keep a look out for his next update!

10 thoughts on “4 months on…

  1. Oh this post made my ovaries hurt! Reading this made me miss the days that my baby was this age (he’s now 19). They are precious precious times. Loved this post!

  2. Such a cute post! My parents loved doing catching everything too! They have pictures of every little moment! I love looking at them, and really appreciate my parents for them! One day you can show your little guy all the memories you’ve been capturing for him, and i’m sure he will really appreciate them!

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