Teething Essentials – What works for me

For a new mum, teething is bloody awful to experience. Not only for you but for your child especially! One minute he’s sleeping, feeding and pooping, the next he’s screaming the house down and gnawing his hands like some crazed cannibal. You’ve tried it all, the gels, the powder, the teething toys… But as well as being clingy his moods are up and down and his regular routine is well and truly out the window for the time being.

These are what I’ve tried and tested for my baby while he’s been teething and what I feel works best –


Teething Gel –
If you can manage to get this onto your babies gums with your finger while he’s squirming and spitting it back out then it does manage to take away some of the pain, I myself have actually used it when I was at my wits end with a toothache one night.

Teething Powder –
Not actually sure if this works or not, and it’s not actually called ‘teething powder’ per say but when he wont settle I sneakily pour half a sachet of this into my hand, roll his dummy in it and insert dummy into mouth before he can notice it tastes odd. Like with the gel it seems to do the trick, unless he’s too tired to fight anymore and just wanted the dummy…

Teething Keys/Toys –
These are more of a fun toy he likes to wave around and throw on the floor rather than chew on. They’re bright and colourful and sometimes he manages to get one end into his mouth to chew on which seems to calm him for around a minute or two. This is similar to his teething lion which I bought impulsively from ASDA and you put it in the fridge (NOT FREEZER) so that it’s nice and cool on his gums although he spends more time licking it than chewing…

Dummy –
This sort of dummy makes it easier to apply teething gel without using your own fingers and it does works for a few bites but the weird shape does not sit well in his mouth so ends up on the floor most times.

Gripe Water –
I’ve found that this works better for hiccups more than for teething but it does quiet him down for the few seconds when he’s drinking it.

Calpol –
I’ve saved the best for last! 2.5ml definitely helps little babas teething to the point of him falling straight to sleep! But I really don’t like to use it too much, maybe if he’s really inconsolable then I will use this as a last resort but because it has paracetamol in it, it feels like i’m drugging him up!


I’ve been told about other home remedies such as using vanilla essence on their gums, brandy (YUCK!), wetting the end of a bib and freezing it, letting them bite on a rusk ect. but what works best for your baby is absolutely up to you!

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