Missing The Bump

Once the first initial weeks have flown by and baby bear is growing, feeding, and crying his way through each day, you start to feel like a part of you is missing.

Not missing in a bad way though, just missing in general.
Although he’s here and you can see him every waking moment, he’s not part of you any more. No more little flutters as he kicks you from the inside, no more struggling to pick
things up off the floor because you have what was essentially a watermelon strapped to your waist.
Is your mind tricking you into thinking you want more? Your heart says yes but your mind (and stomach muscles) say please not just yet!
Once finding out you were ‘with child’, you waited ever so patiently for the massive bump to appear, to wake up one morning and hope it was just there, but that never happens.
Finding out around 2 months, you go for your first scan and wish that afterwards you had a special window to look at him whenever you wanted because you can’t believe something so special is happening to your body.
Waiting for what feels like years, each day knowing you’re getting closer and closer to meeting that special human who is half you and half the man you love.
Everyday you instinctively rub your belly, sing and chat away to him, swaying your hips while you are on your own and going about your daily business.
When the first flutters start around 4 months, you barely realise it’s the little bundle kicking away, which becomes more prominent as the weeks go by, usually when you’re about to go to sleep or lay down they feel it’s the right time to party!
Not till around 5 or 6 months did you start to notice your belly getting bigger and more rounder than before and now you feel as big as a house!
By 9 months you just want him to come out as you attempt to waddle round the shops, crawl up the stairs and do daily chores all while huffing and puffing out of breath from carrying not just yourself, but 4Kg of baby too.
Even now he’s here you still feel the slightest nudges or ‘phantom kicks’ which remind you that once you carried a human, you nurtured him, fed him and grew him, without even lifting a finger! A reminder that you are beautiful, strong and the creator of life.
Happy Mother’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Missing The Bump

  1. I have to say… I don’t miss being pregnant! I had an easy pregnancy but I’ve never once missed it. I’m amazed it happened and that this near 30lb 2.5ft tall child napping on my lap was once in my belly, but I’m happier with her outside. I don’t really want another baby either lol.

    We’ll see what happens in a few years. She’ll be 1 in just a couple weeks.

  2. This post makes me even more excited to have a baby. We’ve been trying and are super excited about the experiencing this. I hope that that you and the baby are doing well!

  3. I have a 7 month old baby and as I look back, I couldn’t believe I am missing those newborn moments. A lot of things have changed and seeing old photos make us reminisce the beautiful chapter of our lives.

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