Routine? What Routine?!

As little baba is getting closer to 5 months (what?!) you try to get him into some kind of routine so that you can wake up each day with a plan in mind and work your routine around him. Some days are fabulous and he does really well, and some days he thinks ‘I’m getting to good at this, let’s go off the rails and surprise mum!’

Here’s last weeks Monday – Sunday, which I can easily track in my trusty ‘Baby Tracker’ app:

After around the 3 month mark, he’s taken himself from having a 4pm bedtime to 6pm which works perfectly for you! Although his naps never go to plan during the day, when he finally does go down its unpredictable how long they will last.

With his feeds becoming more predictable it’s easier to plan around when he’ll want feeding. With them being around 7am, half 10am, 2pm and 6pm at bedtime. His night feed however, shows no sign of leaving yet and differs every day whether it be at midnight, 1am or 3am.

Add into the mix sleep regression and teething and the pattern you thought was going well seems to slip and he doesn’t want to sleep after a relaxing bath and a full belly.

Instead he stuffs his hands into his mouth, making him bring up all the tasty milk he’s just guzzled. And pull at his mouth and gums while screaming into your shoulder. Poor baby.

After this goes on for a while he finally falls asleep on your comfy bed, all nestled in to you, at around 8pm.

So that’s his routine for now, still holding out for him to sleep through. But it’s still early days and who needs sleep anyway?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Routine? What Routine?!

  1. My little one is 6 weeks today and we’re trying to get her on a schedule (which I know is nearly impossible at this age) but it seems to be going well! I’m sure it’ll all get thrown out the window at the next growth spurt, though. It sounds to me like you’re doing a great job and your baby is so loved. Best of luck!!

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