Top 5 Bath Time Hacks

How amazing is it when you give your little baba a lovely bath, and he’s that clean and relaxed that he drifts off as soon as he’s put into his cot? You could save your voice as story time isn’t needed but it’s all part of the show! And sometimes your voice is that soothing that even Hubby drifts off too…

Here’s my 5 favourite baby bathing hacks I’ve put together to make sure the baths as relaxing for you as it is for your little one:

Baby bath

Obviously while he’s still small enough to go in one, these will save your backs if placed on to the bed instead of you reaching into the big bath to bathe him.

Using a towel for more than drying

Towels are useful and a necessity all throughout bathtime. The most obvious use would be for drying your baby but you could also roll up a towel for babies head to rest on so that water doesn’t get in their ears or face. A towel placed under the bath also makes sure water doesn’t get everywhere once he’s learned to splash!

Shampoo and baby wash

It’s no secret that giving a small child a bath can be scary at first. You want to keep a constant hold of them incase they unexpectedly slip under the water! With that being said, you don’t want to be fumbling around with lids ect. So beforehand if you put a dollop of his bathing products on the side of the bath/baby bath, you can quickly scoop up the gel with one hand and start applying!

Be prepared

This one you’ve probably thought about already, as with everything you do with a baby, being prepared will become second nature. Playing it all out in your head beforehand you’ll probably need: a clean vest and onesie/pj’s, fresh nappy, nappy cream, baby towel, wash cloth, shampoo, and baby wash.

Wash routine

This may sound silly but if you wash your babies head before their body, their heads going to be all wet and cold which isn’t nice… So washing toe to head makes it a lot more relaxing and easier for baby bear.

What are your bath time hacks?

Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Bath Time Hacks

  1. I always do face first in case he wees in the water! 🙈 I do his hair last though so I don’t really make sense with my system haha – love these tips! I wish I’d got a baby bath in the beginning c

    • Thanks for reading! When I attended parenting classes the midwife did a long winded demonstration about holding the baby over the water and doing the head first and drying then putting the baby in the bath… Much easier doing it last! 😊

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