They see me rollin’

So, 5 months has flown by and yet you still go through your camera roll every night remembering the first day you met your beautiful Prince!

Amongst all the new noises and babbling away to himself all hours of the day (and night), he’s perfected the art of throwing his legs into the air and slowly landing them sideways in an effort to roll from his back to his front.

Hurrah! He did it! He rolled over from his front to his back! How exciting! This little human you created is learning everyday and you’re playing the biggest role in helping!

Fun to watch but not fun to tackle! The moment the nappy comes off he’s all legs throwing himself onto his side trying to get a good look around while you wrestle him into a fresh nappy.

Instead of staying on his back like the first few months, hes now being more mobile and your efforts to keep an eye on him have just doubled. Especially whether he’s lying on the changing mat, the bed or even in his bouncer.

Even during his sleep he’s on the go. Imagine, you put him to bed as you normally do and the next thing you know, you’ve woken up and he’s laid completely the opposite way in his crib! Even on the baby monitor you see him throwing his legs in the air mid snooze.

Yet everytime you want him to roll over when he’s enjoying tummy time he doesn’t seem to manage it. Even more so when you try to get it on video…

What’s going to happen next?! Keep a look out for more milestones and leave your baby stories in the comments!

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