Babies Don’t Care

Babies don’t care
that you haven’t eaten in hours,
or have had no sleep,
or you’ve given up on showers.

Babies don’t care
that your back is breaking,
Where is the milk?
How much time are you taking?

Babies don’t care
that you’re covered in pee,
that you’re hair is a mess
or you really need a wee.

Babies don’t care
if they’re giving you a headache,
that your diet is ruined
and you’ve replaced it with cake.

But babies do care
about food, food, food.
About cuddles and kisses
atleast, when they’re in the mood…

So don’t be disheartened
when they won’t go to sleep,
or when they’re crying for hours
And making you weep.

Because babies do care
about love and affection,
especially mummy and daddy
giving them all the attention.

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