Easter Day in the life – 5 Months

So it’s babas first Easter Sunday! Which has landed perfectly because he’s exactly 5 months old today too!

Waking around 5.30am for a quick feed (and mainly because he’s pooped) he’s back into bed for a few more hours snooze which gives you kind of a lie in…
Waking up to him not babbling to himself but full on shrieking is the norm these days as he must like the sound of this new noise, and the growling.
Time for his change into day clothes and checking out the weather you’d think a vest and dungerees will do, which you find out later on is a bit too much clothing in this heat.
Heading downstairs to watch 101 Dalmatians and to get a quick snap of him with his milestone card you put the kettle on for your morning cup of tea (which as usual will go cold by the time you reach it). At around 10am it’s time to fix up his yummy breakfast of milk. Exciting stuff!
Trying your hand at weaning the past few days you give him a spoonful or two of the Ella’s Kitchen Peaches pouch which he gobbles up delightfully and always wants more.
With it being too sunny to stay indoors you make sure you’ve packed everything in his little backpack and adjourn him with a little sunhat because he’s just too cute not to wear it! And into the pram we go!
Dragging daddy before he goes to work, you arrive at the park and set up camp in the shade with your picnic blanket and, while he settles into a sitting position in between Dad’s legs, you sprint off for some ice cream from the nearby Ice cream truck.
After ice cream, a dinnertime milk feed and a million selfies with mum and dad, baba is simply pooped and falls asleep as soon as you head homeward, the trusty snooze shade keeping the sun out of your little ones eyes.
Fast forward to 3pm and daddy’s off to work. Because he only had a small nap he’s tired already so it’s bathtime for him and into his pyjamas before his last feed of the day and plenty of cuddles while he drifts off in your loving arms.
And since it’s been such a wonderful day you drift off aswell without even realising until you wake up an hour later, with him sleeping soundly in his crib next to you.

How was your Easter? Leave your comments below!

4 thoughts on “Easter Day in the life – 5 Months

  1. So cute! We had a small Easter egg hunt – she’s not old enough to understand the concept yet, having just turned 1 – and had brunch. Then she got to play in the kiddie pool and took a nice 3 hour long nap afterwards.

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