6 Month Update

You’ve done it! It only took months of planning and sorting but now you and you’re little family are here…

Out of the hussle and bussle of the city and into a calm, quiet part of a small town in Yorkshire.

The first few days were rough for your little one, lots of changes such as being in his own room, first time in the high chair, a new bouncer to play in AND a new pram!

It’s all go go at once with weaning, teething and his 6 month growth spurt come early but you and Daddy Bear are pushing through and team work is definitely paying off!

Now, fully settled in, he’s decided it’s the perfect opportunity to start sleeping through the night, much to your surprise. And yet you’re still waking every couple of hours to make sure he’s okay and still snug in his cot, albeit smushed into the side or doing a complete 180 degree turn.

Weaning is definitely under way and you’ve got all the equipment neatly placed in the ‘Baby cupboard’ such as purees, wafers, baby spoons ect.

With teething, it’s the perfect opportunity to try new foods as everything he touches ends up in his mouth so even though he pulls a face when a new food is tried, he’ll most likely eat the whole bowl full.

And as for clothes, you’ve got no idea! One moment he was in 3-6 month clothing and now he’s zig zagging from 6-9 month and 9-12 month clothing because as much as he looks cute in his little clothes, you love them to be baggy and comfortable for him.

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