Babbling and baby noises

You were warned about the sleepless nights, but that isn’t what tires you out. Mostly it’s the broken sleep…

Once you’ve got baba all tucked up you finally jump into bed yourself and hope he sleeps through the night.

Low and behold you’re woken, but not to the sound of screaming or crying because he’s hungry or he’s leaked, he’s woke you up by babbling.

Now that he’s 6 months and growing too fast, he’s learnt new noises and he loves to let you know, sometimes talking to you, but mostly having a little conversation with himself. Especially at 4am in the morning…

Sometimes it sounds like words with his ‘hewwow’ and ‘daddamama’, and you can’t wait for him to say his first word which seems to be sooner rather than later.

So there you are, 4am, baby monitor loudly telling you that he’s woken up and wants mummy (or daddy) to come give him some attention. It’s useless trying to get back to sleep so you creep in and he’s never been so happy to see you!

You check for any wetness and try reuniting him with his dummy but he shows no sign of going back to sleep. He never cries for food but you try some milk anyway.

He gulps it down hungrily before have another few minutes of babbling while you tuck yourself and him into the big bed for another hour or so of sleep before the day finally begins.

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