7 Month Update

Where has the time gone!? Your little boy is all over the place now what with rolling, sitting up on his own and getting ready to crawl!

The last visit from the health visitor showed that little man now weighs 21lbs and he’s 74cm long! This also shows when he’s picked up by a relative and they ask if I’ve been feeding him cement…

Weaning is off the charts and he’s chomping down everything that’s put in front of him! Whether it be finger foods or purees, it’s instantly being grabbed and ferociously slammed into his mouth, with his tiny lips wanting more and more. Making his food in batches is absolutely worth while but you find yourself still riffling through the cupboards when hes still feeling hungry.

With teething in full swing he’s extremely irritable but a quick dab of Dentenox and his dummy soon sorts him out.
Taking a trip to the Dentist the other day to get him used to it, his teeth are definitely on the way and it doesn’t feel like just one is coming through! Any day/ week now you’re expecting his first tooth and the biting of your face…hands…fingers is sure to become more vicious!
Other than that he’s extremely happy and smiley, even to strangers! Definitely going to be outgoing and sociable!

Although still waking for a night feed around midnight, his routine isn’t so bad but not yet entirely solid so give or take an hour:
Wake up/ feed, change – 6.30am
TV time then Breakfast/ Change into day clothes – 8am
1st Nap – 8.30am
Wake up/ milk, change – 10am
Play then Lunch – 12pm
2nd Nap – 12.30pm
Wake up / milk, change – 2pm
Play then Dinner – 3pm
3rd Nap (usually a walk) – 4pm
Bathtime then Milk/ Story and bed – 6pm

When his 6-7th month growth spurt has stopped, a shopping trip for bigger clothes may be in order as even 6-9 month clothes are a tight squeeze but different shops have different sizes so choosing to dress him in baggier clothes is a win win all round especially since Summer has hit.

With him rolling, he’s most likely ends up on his tummy so his core muscles are getting stronger and although he can sit up by himself for a few seconds, he still wobbles to the side so your eagle eyes are watching his every move.
Also sleeping on his tummy has started in the past month which seems to help him sleep better and sometimes longer, even if he starts at one end of the cot and wakes at the opposite end!

Any similar 7 month old stories? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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