Mum Shaming

Ever walked past someone in the street while your little treasure is all snug in their sling or sprawled out in their pram and people give you that look?

The look that makes you feel like you should avoid eye contact, crawl into a hole and wait while they’ve gone…

It happens too often, not even when you’re walking in the street. In shops, cafes, restaurants, pretty much any public place. You’re glared at for bringing a small human into society.

Even people who aren’t mums love to have a good gloat when you can’t calm your baby down and rather than be sympathetic they turn their noses up, obviously thinking they can do a better job.

Which in fact they can’t. I’ll admit before having a baby I would see/hear a baby crying and even though I’d give a thoughtful smile I would think to myself I’m never going to be like that.

Then comes the fateful day your little Prince is sat in his high chair in a cafe, screaming because the spoon isn’t quick enough and you’re the one feeling bad for other people who have to hear it!

It puts you on edge, hoping that when you go out he doesn’t make a peep and fearing to use public transport in case he isn’t fond of it.

The worst is when you’re trying to feed them milk, and not even breastfed, I mean formula… In a bottle… Not even a boob for them to stare at! You’re happily sat their and he’s supping away and people just oogle at you, what do they expect? ‘Good God! A baby is being fed a nourished right in front of all these people! How horrifying!’

The first time I changed him in the disabled toilets of a pub I heard a knock on the door. I replied ‘one second’, and after leaving the toilet the elderly gentleman said’ that wasn’t one second, more like 30′. I thought to myself ‘who the hell are you?’ I wasnt having any of it, I looked him up and down, glared at him and said rather loudly ‘well it is going to take longer, I’ve got a baby!’. He wasn’t expecting this at all, he thought I’d smile sweetly at his unfunny joke. Trying to mutter an apology and saying he was only joking I stormed off back to my table.

I think now it’s not only yourself you’re standing for you become more resilient, like a tiger waiting for anybody to look at you the wrong way so you can go all Oprah Winfrey on them.

Thanks for reading! Leave your stories in the comments!

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