8 Months on – Stop growing!

Why does it go so fast? Every time you look at the calendar it always seems to be Sunday! Which means yet another week has flown by…

8 months ago he came into the world, so small you though he’d break if you moved an inch and now he’s busy throwing himself around his cot, kicking his little, strong legs.

He’s definitely come along way from just laying in your arms. Pushing himself up onto his hands and legs you can see it won’t be long till he’s crawling, even if he does try to launch himself face first onto the floor…

Not one, but two bottom teeth are coming through! Which is the obvious cause for all the sleeping, crying and furiously shoving hands and toys into his mouth.

More often than not you’re scrolling page after page of Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for baby food ideas and spending hours making batches of yummy food to help him grow big and strong.

Still wondering how on Earth you’ve managed to to this job you’re spurred on by the fact he’s growing and changing so much and you’ve still got a long way to go but the challenge is exciting and definitely worth it!

More updates to follow! Comment with your baby stories!

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