Mama’s pet peeves

Ever had a child? If the answers yes then I know how you feel, and how annoying relatives/friends/strangers can be…

There you are, still in your little baby bubble and praying that everyone will just leave you alone! But you know they won’t, you’ve always known and as much as you’ve tried to prepare yourself for the most uncaring, ridiculous comments, they still sting like a hideous jellyfish.

Let’s start from the beginning because as we all know, the moment you reveal you’re with child it all starts…

#1 Are you keeping it

Yes, sad to say I’ve been asked this question and as emotional as I was, this comment decided to bump it up a notch.

#2 Was it a mistake

Not, was it planned. But was it a mistake… And in the nicest way possible it was but what on earth would possess you to ask this question?

#3 Are you having anymore?

I was first asked this question when Elijah was only 2-3 months old! I’ve not long since had a child and been in excruciating pain so probably not for a while thanks!

#4 He doesn’t look like his dad

Erm… Thanks? It’s true his chubby little cheeks are definitely from my side but what are you trying to say? I’m afraid we don’t have a milk man and his eyes are absolutely a gift from his dad.

#5 Are you still breastfeeding

Quite personal especially since it’s being asked by someone you don’t even know! If I am what does it matter and if Im not who cares?! If my babies healthy that’s all that counts.

#6 When are you going back to work

Why do I have to? And what does it matter when? Can’t I have a bit of time with my baby? I’ve been with him nearly 24/7 since he started growing in my belly, I don’t think I could cope leaving him and child care these days is definitely not worth it.

#7 Oh he’s massive

Not he’s grown… No… Words like massive, huge, big, heavy. Hurtful words, not to the baby but to you. Nobody wants to have their baby criticised for eating a healthy amount. He’s only just started crawling so of course he may look a tad chubby.

#8 Is he on solids yet?

No, I’m afraid at 3 months old he wasn’t on solid food just yet because you know… Milk is better? But now being 9 months old you can’t get him off solids! Ever been ‘Hangry’? Well this baba is full on screaming when he sees any food.

Basically, if you have nothing nice to say or you can’t compliment somebody on their miracle of life then keep it shut…

Leave your stories in the comments below!

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