Babies Don’t Care

Babies don’t care
that you haven’t eaten in hours,
or have had no sleep,
or you’ve given up on showers.

Babies don’t care
that your back is breaking,
Where is the milk?
How much time are you taking?

Babies don’t care
that you’re covered in pee,
that you’re hair is a mess
or you really need a wee.

Babies don’t care
if they’re giving you a headache,
that your diet is ruined
and you’ve replaced it with cake.

But babies do care
about food, food, food.
About cuddles and kisses
atleast, when they’re in the mood…

So don’t be disheartened
when they won’t go to sleep,
or when they’re crying for hours
And making you weep.

Because babies do care
about love and affection,
especially mummy and daddy
giving them all the attention.

They see me rollin’

So, 5 months has flown by and yet you still go through your camera roll every night remembering the first day you met your beautiful Prince!

Amongst all the new noises and babbling away to himself all hours of the day (and night), he’s perfected the art of throwing his legs into the air and slowly landing them sideways in an effort to roll from his back to his front.

Hurrah! He did it! He rolled over from his front to his back! How exciting! This little human you created is learning everyday and you’re playing the biggest role in helping!

Fun to watch but not fun to tackle! The moment the nappy comes off he’s all legs throwing himself onto his side trying to get a good look around while you wrestle him into a fresh nappy.

Instead of staying on his back like the first few months, hes now being more mobile and your efforts to keep an eye on him have just doubled. Especially whether he’s lying on the changing mat, the bed or even in his bouncer.

Even during his sleep he’s on the go. Imagine, you put him to bed as you normally do and the next thing you know, you’ve woken up and he’s laid completely the opposite way in his crib! Even on the baby monitor you see him throwing his legs in the air mid snooze.

Yet everytime you want him to roll over when he’s enjoying tummy time he doesn’t seem to manage it. Even more so when you try to get it on video…

What’s going to happen next?! Keep a look out for more milestones and leave your baby stories in the comments!

Top 5 Bath Time Hacks

How amazing is it when you give your little baba a lovely bath, and he’s that clean and relaxed that he drifts off as soon as he’s put into his cot? You could save your voice as story time isn’t needed but it’s all part of the show! And sometimes your voice is that soothing that even Hubby drifts off too…

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Day in the life – week 19

So, little man is nearly 20 weeks old! What’s that all about? Time has flown by since you heard his first cry, held his little hand and kissed him on the forehead for the first time is his and your life!

He’s grown so much, and doesn’t show signs of stopping! Wolfing down his milk 5 times a day you think maybe it’s time to wean? Scary… Soon your not so little baby will be on solids!

He’s decided to switch his routine up a little and give you a lie in till 7am which has thrown you right off! You feel groggier than ever because now you’ve had TOO MUCH sleep…

With daddy still doing his night feeds at 3am ish, you get in to bed around 10pm but still can’t help but stare at him while he sleeps and cuddles his little comforter.

The usual morning routine still stands, but the first nap of the day doesn’t go to plan… So the pram it is!

Wandering round asda it’s pay day, which means baby haul day! You pick up all your items for the month such as nappies, formula and baby wipes, and grab a few sneaky Disney DVDs which are obviously for baba… Not you.

He’s a big boy now so a few bigger clothing items are on the cards and since you’re now a fan of dungerees, you grab 2 sets because he just looks so darn cute!

After his second feed and an hours kip, where mummy barely got the washing out, you put Mulan on as background noise while you talk and make faces to your smiling happy chappy.

2pm comes round so quickly and daddy’s off to work for the night, leaving you to entertain the little critter who, after playing for a while, decides its time for a nap for him which means you can have a snooze too.

Last playtime before bath and bed around 5pm and as usual he’s putting everything in his little mouth and his little shouts of anger are clearly teething related…

Still crying at being put down you try as many songs to calm him down for his bath but he doesn’t relax till he hits the water. All dressed in his pj’s and finally full of milk, his eyes droop and he manages to fall asleep on your shoulder not even wanting a story tonight.

Keep a look out for more day in the life stories!

Routine? What Routine?!

As little baba is getting closer to 5 months (what?!) you try to get him into some kind of routine so that you can wake up each day with a plan in mind and work your routine around him. Some days are fabulous and he does really well, and some days he thinks ‘I’m getting to good at this, let’s go off the rails and surprise mum!’

Here’s last weeks Monday – Sunday, which I can easily track in my trusty ‘Baby Tracker’ app:

After around the 3 month mark, he’s taken himself from having a 4pm bedtime to 6pm which works perfectly for you! Although his naps never go to plan during the day, when he finally does go down its unpredictable how long they will last.

With his feeds becoming more predictable it’s easier to plan around when he’ll want feeding. With them being around 7am, half 10am, 2pm and 6pm at bedtime. His night feed however, shows no sign of leaving yet and differs every day whether it be at midnight, 1am or 3am.

Add into the mix sleep regression and teething and the pattern you thought was going well seems to slip and he doesn’t want to sleep after a relaxing bath and a full belly.

Instead he stuffs his hands into his mouth, making him bring up all the tasty milk he’s just guzzled. And pull at his mouth and gums while screaming into your shoulder. Poor baby.

After this goes on for a while he finally falls asleep on your comfy bed, all nestled in to you, at around 8pm.

So that’s his routine for now, still holding out for him to sleep through. But it’s still early days and who needs sleep anyway?

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments.

Should-a, Would-a, Could-a

Having a baby changes your whole life, it’s not just you and Hubby anymore. Before you could easily whip out to the shops or wake up late but now that’s all changed.

Here are a few things I wish I had done before having a baby:

More date nights –

Now that it’s not just the two of you, date night is either in short supply or completely out the window, especially with a 4 month old! You fear leaving him at all let alone with a babysitter or family member…

Became a morning person –

Whilst being pregnant and on maternity leave, you had no reasons to wake up early or go to bed early and you could have all the lie-ins you wanted. Now that your little one is here, even though you’re getting enough sleep and going to bed early, you wish you had become a morning person so that waking every day at 5am didn’t make you feel so groggy.

Cooked more complicated meals –

Even though cooking easy meals was quicker, you wish you had spent a big more time in the kitchen since now you barely manage to make a bowl of porridge, let alone a luxurious meal… And though you can prep meals in the morning or while he naps, there’s only so much prepping you can do!

Bought a bigger car –

Since you bought a new car just weeks before you found out you were expecting, it would be worthless to resell and buy a bigger one. But even though the pram does fit in the small boot of your Kia Picanto, not much else can. So buying a bigger car in the first place would of been a better idea…

Decluttered –

There’s only so much you can do to prepare for a new arrival, and decluttering should definitely be one of them! The more baby gear you acquire the fuller your house gets and before you know it you can barely move without tripping over a play mat or bumping into the bouncer.

Cleaned more –

Once you’ve got that bump, cleanings a tricky thing to do. You tried nesting but after every 10 minutes of cleaning you had to sit down… You were Pooped! So pooped in fact that you didn’t get up again, and found binge watching Netflix more enjoyable.

Dressed up –

Not that you wore much make up in the first place, but now there definitely is no point because you barely leave the house! And it’s not as if you can’t get dressed up when you have time while he’s napping, it’s the fact that you can’t be bothered.

Have any similar thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my next post!